What does Online Coaching Involve?

Goal Setting

Together, we will have the exciting conversation about your future goals, and we will set realistic short- and long-term targets. We will map out your pathway so you can see how you will achieve your results! I will be educating you on how to make sensible choices that work for you that result in superior results that last, and can be placed into your lifestyle, long term!

Personalised Programme & Training App

You will be provided with a bespoke training programme, tailored to you, your abilities and your goals. You will have access to the Leaner Stronger training app complete with your workout schedule, workout tracker and exercise tutorial videos. 
Regular updates to the training programme will be made where necessary – variety is the spice of life, albeit not vital – but we want you to have fun whilst training!


Nutrition Programming

 A great training programme needs to be fuelled by the right nutrition. You will receive personalised nutrition targets for your goals, and we will do our best to work together fitting in your favourite foods. At Leaner Stronger we don’t like the idea of restricting you from these if it means you will stick to the plan better with them in.

To aid this you will receive brand new tasty recipes on a weekly basis, arming you with more than enough easy-to-cook, scrumptious recipes that’ll keep food fun on your way to results.


Most often cited as the most important part of the online service. I want nothing but the best for you and for you to achieve amazing results, therefore I will be there to support you each and every exciting step of the way.


Check-Ins & 24/7 contact

You will check-in with me weekly via a weekly online form whereby I will respond to you with feedback and targets for you to pursue over the week. You’ll also receive one 30 minute phone call per month to further discuss your progress, successes and how you want to adapt the training to get you your results.